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The Friends of Radiology in Ukraine (FRU) is a registered nonprofit organization that was founded in 1992 by M. Paul Capp, MD, a Ukrainian-American who was then the Executive Director of the American Board of Radiology. A key mission of “Friends” is to support creation and distribution of Ukrainian language radiology educational resources. A notable founding member of “Friends” was Acting Minister of Health in Ukraine, Dr. Ulana Suprun.

In 1996, a conference program was founded by “Friends of Radiology” member Dr. Leo Wolansky in collaboration with the L’viv Med Institute as a “Radiology school”, with the purpose of promoting, tuition-free, Ukrainian-language education in medicine, specifically, radiology. In 1998, Dr. Yuri Ivaniv joined Dr. Wolansky and renamed the course, “Practical Questions in Contemporary Clinical Imaging.” After its inception in 1996, the course took place every two years, excepting 2014 when it was postponed a year, due to the Russian invasion. Over the years more than 3500 Ukrainian health professionals have attended. The majority has been from western Ukraine but numerous representatives from distant regions have attended, including Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Odessa and Crimea. The program has also been the subject of multiple news articles and television news reports, which profiled the high educational value of the course and patriotic mission.

The conferences have been recognized by the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine; the World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Associations, the postgraduate diagnostic imaging department of the Danylo Halytskyi Medical University in L’viv; and the Simex–Sono Educational Center. The conferences have also been accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

The distinguished faculty has included Myron Pozniak, Larissa Bilaniuk, Myrosia Mitchell, Roman Klufas, Roxolana Horbovyj, Andrij Wojtowycz, Thomas Herman, Erich Lang, Myron Wojtowycz, Ariadne Bach, Wolodymyr Bula, Gregory Geba, Leon Prockop (USA); Marco Essig, Patrik Zamecnik (Germany); Vladimir Rogozhin, Volodymyr Medvediv, Iryna Dykan, Yakiv Babiy, Marina Pervak, Oleh Dynnyk, (Ukraine); Wayne Tymchak and Markian Shulakewych (Canada); Jerzy Walecki, Aleksandra Michałek, Katarzyna Sklinda, Mariusz Furmanek, Cezary Szary (Poland); Ihor Kociumbas, (Australia), as well as many more. Help of translators, including Dr. Ihor Ivaniv and Dr. Volodymyr Pavliuk has been instrumental in the program's success. This has ranged from sequential translation of English-only speaking faculty to detailed text and slide translations for diaspora faculty. In 2015, Dr. Walter Kucharczyk, the head of the American Society of Neuroradiology's (ASNR’s) Anne G. Osborn, International Outreach Professor Program approached Dr. Wolansky about collaborating. Since then the ASNR’s Program has sponsored annual visiting professorships to Ukraine, the first award recipients being Dr. Donald Schomer and Dr. Jonathan Morris, each of whom gave multiple lectures in 2015. In 2016, Dr. James Abrahams (Yale) and Dr. Larry Ginsberg (MD Anderson) were the award recipients. Dr. Schomer was so impressed with the mission of the program he also returned to lecture in 2016. The 2017 program featured ASNR professors Greg Zaharchuk August 3-5, and Frank Lexa August 9-11. Drs. Luke Tomycz and Steven Yevich also appeared during the August 2017 seminars.

With the addition of the ASNR program, the educational efforts have been expanded into a two week program including the didactic conference followed by small group interactive seminars, hosted by Dr. Yuriy Palamarchuk at St. Paraskeva's Medical Center.

The course program has received repeated grant support from the UMANA Foundation. Sponsors have also included the ISMRM, ASNR, Olea Medical, Simex-Sono, and Zonare Medical. Bayer USA was the principal sponsor for 2017 and will be the exclusive sponsor for 2018.

In 2015, Ivan Wolansky and Dr. Leo Wolansky, created a Facebook site featuring lecture material. In 2017, Ivan Wolansky created this independent website and is webmaster.


Ґрунтовне навчання для радіологів Greg Zaharchuk Deep Learning
Сучасна візуалізація інсульту Greg Zaharchuk

Використання МР перфузії в клініці: Greg Zaharchuk
Лицева травма: Ключові моменти, які ви не хочете пропустити:

Пухлини та вузли: основні питання в радіології голови та шиї: Frank Lexa
Основи нейрорадіології: захворювання білої речовини: Frank Lexa

New and emerging methods ukr
Neurodegenerative Diseases Marco Essig

MR Spectroscopy Marco Essig
IR Cases Wolodymyr Bula

Нестабільність наколінка A. Horak
Thyroid Nodules Myrosia Mitchell

Perineural Spread Larry Ginsberg
HPV Larry Ginsberg

Cervical Lymphadenopathy Larry Ginsberg
Jaw Lesions Утвори щелепи James Abrahams

Salivary Glands and Parapharyngeal James Abrahams
DWI на конференцію EBTYX

Glioma update 2016 Ukraine Don Schomer
History of Brain Tumor Imaging Don Schomer

Cardiac Cath Wayne Tymchak
Iryna Dykan MDCT characterization of tumors

Gyral anatomy Don Schomer
Gliomas Don Schomer


Friends of Radiology in Ukraine Neuroimaging Symposium/Association of Radiologists in Ukraine Annual Congress

City: Kyiv, Location TBA

Time: March 25th-29th 2019


This year at its annual Congress, the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine will partner with the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) and with the Friends Of Radiology in Ukraine. The International Imaging Program of the ASNR has selected Kyiv to participate in a symposium. Partnering with the ASNR, The Friends Of Radiology in Ukraine will be presenting the 13th edition of “Practical Questions In Contemporary Diagnostic Imaging” now in its 23rd year. The ASNR/Friends collaboration will run from March 25-27. Immediately following this the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine will hold their 3-day Congress, March 27-29. The 27th overlapping conferences will take place as parallel sessions of each other. The first two days, the conference will take place in Kyiv, in the outskirts of Kyiv, both sites TBA.

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Visiting Professors:

Aaron Field MD:
Amy Juliano MD:
Noriko Salomon MD:
Bruno Policeni MD:
Leo Wolansky MD:
Rajan Jain MD:
Donald Schomer MD:
Ana Franceschi MD:
Jacob Agris MD:

Advanced Neuroimaging
Head and Neck Imaging
Topic TBA
Skull Base; Cranial Nerves
Imaging Head Trauma
Stroke Imaging; Advanced Imaging
Head & Neck Cancer Imaging
Topic TBA

The program is subject to change without notice.

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